Family Law Attorneys in New Jersey

The New Jersey Attorney Group has significant experience and success handling divorces and other family disputes, including complex conflicts that involve child custody, paternity, or the division of significant assets. New Jersey Attorneys Group provides our clients with dependable legal services in all areas within family law.
Our goal is to help our clients protect what matters most to them.


If you are considering filing for a divorce, it is important to seek the counsel of an experienced and understanding divorce lawyer. From the very start, all stages of a divorce can be extremely stressful. The disagreements and conflicts can be overwhelming to handle alone. The New Jersey Attorney Group offers comprehensive family law services for divorce, high-asset divorce, and divorce mediation.


Although a legal separation won’t officially dissolve your marriage, there are still many advantages to filing a separation agreement. A legal separation permits spouses to continue to take advantage of healthcare and tax benefits reserved for married couples. It is also possible to include provisions that restrict access to bank accounts and protect you from any debt incurred by your spouse during the period prior to your divorce being finalized.

Establish or Modify Child Support

If you have gone through a divorce or are currently going through a divorce, the experienced attorneys at the New Jersey Attorneys Group can help you fight to receive the level of child support that your child needs. We understand the contentious factors on both sides of child support issues, and we work tirelessly to ensure that our clients are being represented aggressively and fairly.

Establish or Modify Alimony

If you are paying alimony in New Jersey, it may be possible to have your alimony obligation reduced or terminated entirely. If you and your spouse or former spouse cannot agree on a modification of spousal support, the lawyers at the New Jersey Attorneys Group can provide you with information and guide you through your available options. If the conflict is not resolved by negotiating with your spouse, the experienced attorneys at the New Jersey Attorney Group are prepared to litigate your case.

Divorce Mediation

If you are looking to get a Divorce, mediation is one option. Often the divorce solutions that work best over the long run are the settlements that are achieved reasonably and as amicably as possible. Solutions that are fair and meet the needs of both parties can be achieved through the non-adversarial divorce mediation and collaboration process, rather than through litigation. The skilled negotiators at the New Jersey Attorneys Group can help you communicate and work toward an agreement that you can both live with.